Jedidah Morley

Jedidah Morley writes picture books that encourage children to be themselves and embrace their difference and creativity. They also encourage positive relationships between adults and children.

Jedidah is a Music and Drama teacher in Queensland and a mother of three children. Both of these roles have given her many opportunities to witness the amazing abilities of children who are encouraged to be creative, be problem solvers, and most importantly, be themselves. These values shine through in her writing.

Jedidah strongly believes in the power of positive adult relationships in children’s lives. Kindness, love and trust are important attributes that need to be demonstrated through positive interactions. By modelling these attributes, adults will create children who value their own positive relationships, creating a cycle of emotionally happy and strong people.

Jedidah lives in Bargara, Queensland. She is learning to create cakes from Pinterest, loves being outside and spending time with her husband, Jeff and her beautiful daughters Kiele, Alani and Layla. She also tries very hard to be a teacher who is positive and celebrates difference and creativity.