Laura Wallbridge

Laura is an emerging author who never lost her childhood interest in things magical and whimsy. Through her work in the music industry and public relations, Laura has fostered a love for words be they poetry, prose, or lyrics. This love of words mixed with a dash of the fantastical and a passion for children’s literature has resulted in a unique style of writing that delivers heartfelt messages wrapped up in delightful stories.

Laura is a single mother to three beautiful children. Following the birth of her children she rediscovered her love of writing. Laura has developed her manner of addressing the big issues that children face in their everyday lives without being condescending to her audience. 

Spanning across formats, Laura has produced many short stories and is honoured to have her debut children’s picture book, ‘Elliott’s Rainbow Heart’ published with Empowering Resources in April, 2017.

Like a magpie, Laura is drawn to places and people that sparkle. She can never pass a dandelion without blowing away the seeds, and she thinks the world is always a little better after a good book. This is an author with her feet planted in the ground and her head in the clouds, which results in the kind of stories children love to treasure.