Naomi Hunter

Naomi is a dual ABIA shortlisted author, with her first two books both being nominated for the prestigious awards. She is a passionate author of children’s story books that nurture and empower children. Her first book, A Secret Safe to Tell has been nominated for awards, has been translated into several languages and has positively impacted children and adults around the world. Her second book, Even Mummy Cries, has helped many families experiencing hardship, illness or grief.


Naomi is a mother of an ambitious and incredibly inspiring 8-year-old and loves traveling and exploring the world with her daughter, and husband.  It is her greatest wish that children and their care-givers will be nurtured and comforted by her stories and that meaningful conversation will occur alongside her beautiful books.


With another four books in varying stages of production and many more to come, it is with great excitement and enthusiasm that Naomi continues her author journey, working alongside many fantastic illustrators that both inspire and challenge her.