So Much to Share!!

Empowering Resources has been up and running for just over two months now and what a crazy two months it has been!!

In that time, we have combined with some amazingly talented authors and illustrators to produce nurturing, educational and empowering books that will be released later this year. Our authors range from 12 year-old and first time author Pippa Dowling, who at ten years old wrote an amazing story called, ‘Just Like Molly’, to established, award-winning author Aleesah Darlison, who knows that Empowering Resources is the “right home” for her two new projects, ‘Running from the Tiger’ and ‘Free’. Our projects are being brought to life by our very talented illustrators, with Karen Erasmus now working on her fourth and fifth Empowering Resources projects and we have also welcomed established illustrators, Sunshine Herbert, Belinda Elliott and Nicky Johnston. You can find more information about all our amazing Empowering Resources authors and illustrators at

The key element to all of our work is empowering kids. We strongly believe that books are a resource to help kids through life’s challenges. Stories can transport adults and children alike to a world where we are free from worries, where we can be brave and overcome struggles and where we can be entertained and find joy. Our work is important as it provides a tool for parents, educators and care givers to navigate difficult conversations and foster understanding of each other's view points.

Check out our upcoming projects ( to read about our soon-to-be-released resources to help kids overcome fears and anxiety, to overcome obstacles and to find the courage necessary to make new friends, try new things and to feel nurtured with life’s experiences. Our books will allow kids to feel empowered to have a voice and to use it to express what is important for them.

Our latest release, You’re Different Jemima, by Jedidah Morley and Karen Erasmus (illustrator) has been making its way into schools and homes around Australia. It has been praised for the way it encourages children to embrace their difference and uniqueness, seeing diversity as a wonderful thing to be nurtured. So may kids go to school feeling strange and not accepted, or embarrassed about certain aspects of who they are. Adults have such an important role to play in encouraging each child to love and nurture themselves. Here at Empowering Resources, we are very excited and proud to be able to help that conversation happen in classrooms, libraries, lounge rooms and bedrooms around Australia.

We are very excited and proud of Naomi Hunter, who was shortlisted as a finalist for the ‘Women with Altitude Awards’ ( Naomi and Jeremy will be traveling to Sydney for a gala event at the end of next month to celebrate the work done by so many women to create positive change in their communities.

Naomi is also the keynote speaker at the Cristina’s House of Hope White and Red Dinner Dance in Wollongong in May. Information about the event or about purchasing tickets can be found at Tickets are still available.

We are continually appreciative of the amazing support we are receiving from so many people and are excited to bring you so many amazing books in the coming months.

Please keep purchasing books, sharing us with your friends and supporting our work to nurture, educate and empower kids though high-quality resources.

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