Stories are so important. We each hold so much knowledge and can empower others, through storytelling, so they may learn from our words and feel our support. Meet our amazing authors below.



Naomi is a dual ABIA shortlisted author, with her first two books both being nominated for the prestigious awards. She is a passionate author of children’s story books that nurture and empower children. Her first book, A Secret Safe to Tell has been nominated for awards, has been translated into several languages and has positively impacted children and adults around the world. Her second book, Even Mummy Cries, has helped many families experiencing hardship, illness or grief.


Naomi is a mother of an ambitious and incredibly inspiring 8-year-old and loves traveling and exploring the world with her daughter, and husband.  It is her greatest wish that children and their care-givers will be nurtured and comforted by her stories and that meaningful conversation will occur alongside her beautiful books.


With another four books in varying stages of production and many more to come, it is with great excitement and enthusiasm that Naomi continues her author journey, working alongside many fantastic illustrators that both inspire and challenge her.

Jedidah Morley


Jedidah Morley writes picture books that encourage children to be themselves and embrace their difference and creativity. They also encourage positive relationships between adults and children.

Jedidah is a Music and Drama teacher in Queensland and a mother of three children. Both of these roles have given her many opportunities to witness the amazing abilities of children who are encouraged to be creative, be problem solvers, and most importantly, be themselves. These values shine through in her writing.

Jedidah strongly believes in the power of positive adult relationships in children’s lives. Kindness, love and trust are important attributes that need to be demonstrated through positive interactions. By modelling these attributes, adults will create children who value their own positive relationships, creating a cycle of emotionally happy and strong people.

Jedidah lives in Bargara, Queensland. She is learning to create cakes from Pinterest, loves being outside and spending time with her husband, Jeff and her beautiful daughters Kiele, Alani and Layla. She also tries very hard to be a teacher who is positive and celebrates difference and creativity.

Pippa dowling

Pippa Image.JPG

Thirteen year-old Pippa Dowling is currently in year 7 and lives on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. She has 2 step-sisters, one step-brother and one half-sister. She spends her time with friends and family and loves drawing and reading, especially stories about other people’s lives. Pippa has a wonderful, creative imagination and loves using it to create fantastic role-playing games with her sisters. Pippa firmly believes that everybody deserves to be treated with kindness. ‘Just Like Molly’, written when she was just ten years old, is Pippa’s first book and she is very excited to see where this journey may lead.

Aleesah Darlison

Aleesah Darlison is an award-winning Australian children’s author who writes picture books, chapter books and novels. Her much-loved stories promote courage, understanding, anti-bullying, self-belief, friendship, teamwork and environmental themes. Since commencing her writing journey six years ago, she has written over 35 books and has won numerous awards for her writing including an Australian Society of Authors (ASA) mentorship and the Environment Award for Children’s Literature (Non-Fiction) for her picture book, Our Class Tiger. In 2012, she was shortlisted for the same award for her picture book, Warambi.

Travelling throughout Australia and overseas, Aleesah delivers talks and workshops to children and adults at preschools, schools, libraries, bookstores, literary festivals and writers’ centres. She is currently Director of the NSW Writers’ Centre Kids and YA Literary Festival. When Aleesah isn't creating entertaining and enchanting stories, she's usually looking after her four very energetic and imaginative children.

Sarah Elliott


Sarah is a passionate and vivacious primary educator, writer, wife and mother to one amazing toddler girl. She has completed a Bachelor of Education (K-7) and several writing courses. With a strong knowledge of the Australian Curriculum, Sarah has enthusiasm for child mental health and early literacy. Since the birth of her first child she has been excited to begin her long held dream of writing for children.

As a teacher, Sarah is faced more and more with the ever-growing emotional issues of her students and the community. Her writing endeavour is to empower young readers, parents and teachers in order to tackle difficult emotional issues head-on with sensitivity, confidence and love.

When she's not teaching or writing, Sarah is lovingly raising her 2 year old daughter and enjoys singing, dancing, playing with her golden retriever and cat and exploring the world.

Laura Wallbridge


Laura is an emerging author who never lost her childhood interest in things magical and whimsy. Through her work in the music industry and public relations, Laura has fostered a love for words be they poetry, prose, or lyrics. This love of words mixed with a dash of the fantastical and a passion for children’s literature has resulted in a style of writing unique to Laura that delivers heartfelt messages wrapped up in delightful stories that never sound didactic.

Laura is a single mother three beautiful children to whom Laura is devoted. Following the birth of her children she rediscovered her love of writing. Being friends with her children is where Laura has developed her manner of addressing the big issues that children face in their everyday lives without being condescending to her audience. 

Spanning across formats, Laura has produced many short stories and is honoured to have her debut children’s picture book, ‘Elliott’s Rainbow Heart’ published with Empowering Resources in April, 2017.

Like a magpie, Laura is drawn to places and people that sparkle. She can never pass a dandelion without blowing away the seeds, and she thinks the world is always a little better after a good book. This is an author with her feet planted in the ground and her head in the clouds, which results in the kind of stories children love to treasure.

Christian der Kinderen

Christian der Kinderen.jpg

Christian is a primary school teacher currently living in Melbourne. He loves sharing picture books with the children in his class and hopes to become a successful children’s picture book author.

He is an avid traveller and has visited over 50 countries which was the inspiration for writing his first book. He has met so many wonderful people and seen many incredible places during his travels.

Christian is passionate about teaching children to respect and care for one another and to accept each other for who they are. People have so much they can learn from and appreciate about other people and cultures.

Christian aspires to write books that will empower children to develop an understanding and promote tolerance of all cultures.

Suzi FaeD

Suzi is a qualified teacher, wife, full-time mother to an energetic and book-loving toddler, and a budding picture book writer.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and a Diploma of Education in Early Childhood Studies, having taught pre-primary before the birth of her daughter. Recently, she has completed a course in Writing Picture Books for Children.

Suzi is making her writing debut with her picture book, ‘My Daddy is Different’. Her father suffers from a mental illness, and this had a huge impact on her childhood. Her experiences inspire her writing, and she hopes that with this story, she can help children who are struggling with similar issues. She also has an interest in fostering children’s self-esteem, and hopes that her writing journey will offer opportunities to fulfil this.

Living in the coastal city of Bunbury, Western Australia, Suzi enjoys being close to the beach. With a toddler who is asserting her independence and two little dogs with big attitudes, life is busy, but in quiet moments, Suzi likes to read, write, play volleyball and tennis, and dream of the ever-elusive sleep in.

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