Visual language brings extra meaning to our stories and makes them more memorable. Meet our amazing illustrators who bring the stories you love to life.

Karen Erasmus

Karen Erasmus has been a freelance illustrator for 5 years. She has illustrated 12 picture books as well as material for the private and education sector. She lives on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria with her busy family and pets. Before illustrating Karen was a Primary School Teacher for many years where she developed a passion for inspiring and teaching children with picture books. When she isn’t drawing and painting, Karen is a keen cyclist and enjoys visiting the city, especially the abundance of art galleries and laneways.

Karen still enjoys teaching privately at Oak Hill Gallery in Mornington and is always keen to visit schools.

sunshine HERBERT


Sunshine spends most of her days convincing people that yes, Sunshine is actually her real name. She is a fantastical, whimsy inspired artist, living amongst the cobbled streets of sunny Melbourne, Australia. 

As a self-taught artist, her work has been displayed in several national galleries and sold internationally. With a couple of children’s books under her belt, she’s becoming obsessed with character development in her art and allowing her little people to live their own lives. 

Sunshine draws heavily on her love of fantasy and science fiction, a lifetime of dusty second hand bookshops and an obsessive urge to watch all the awesome TV series in one go. She just generally loves to paint, and aims to paint cool stuff she wants to see. 

Sunshine can just as easily be found reading a fairytale on a train or being that weird girl that’s setup an easel in everyones way.


Belinda is an illustrator who lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

She studied the traditional fine arts and has also studied illustration and design. She has worked as an illustrator/designer creating images to be used in books, murals, clothing and other unexpected places. She has also worked as a nurse and as a tour guide for the National Parks.

In her free time she enjoys exploring the natural landscape, finding fabulous places to walk, swim and paint.

Nicky Johnston


Nicky Johnston is a mum to four boys, a primary educator, a speaker and children’s book author and illustrator based in Melbourne.

Passionate in raising awareness of the importance of children’s emotional well being, Nicky has written books to help children deal with anxiety and develop resilience. She is an experienced public speaker and presents at parent forums, seminars and conferences. She is also a speaker with Black Dog Institute Community Education.

Her illustration style is described as whimsical, playful, narrative, emotive and dreamy. She works mainly in watercolour, ink and pencil. She also produces work digitally using a variety of illustration software.

Her passion for sharing her creativity is evident in feedback from children and teachers after she has visited their school. Her communication style, love of teaching and storytelling, shines through and inspires the next generation of author and illustrators.

Ben Clifford

Born and raised in Tasmania, Ben began illustrating seriously after travelling to England in his early twenties. Needing money to return home, he drew portraits and learnt quickly.

Since then he's studied graphic design, photography, and worked as a photographer in Sydney.

Since 2012 he has been a freelance illustrator while working in Tasmania and building a collection of large scale paintings.

Detailed; colourful; mysterious and educational subject matter with many story layers are what drives his picture book illustrations.

When he's not working or looking in the fridge, he's remembering his dog of 16 years; Sam.

Darren Frisina

Since first seeing illustrations in his primary school textbooks, Darren wanted to become a ‘good drawer’. Copying Garfield comics and creating monsters were amongst his first steps on the path towards this goal.

Based in Melbourne, and with another fun job as a graphics and motion designer for e-learning, Darren enjoys bringing both animate and inanimate objects to life in illustrations filled with colour, humour and expression.

His work has been published in a number of children’s books and educational resources, both printed and online. In various forms from books to cushions, Darren’s illustrative work has been printed, hung, worn, carried, held and hugged. 

Lisa Coutts

Lisa is a Melbourne based illustrator who has illustrated many books and items mostly in the children’s market thanks to her charming character based style, and because she is a bit of a kid at heart.

 She studied graphic design at Swinburne and has been a freelance illustrator since graduation.

 Lisa enjoys working in dry pastel for it’s light, soft texture and the colourful mess she can make. She also uses pencils and acrylic paints. With these she loves to create and draw characters and their worlds, whether real or imagined.

 Her favourite things in life inspire her illustrations. She is cat crazy and has two cheeky Devon Rexes called Coco and Elsa. She loves riding her bike especially long distances and up mountains. She also has a thing for striped clothing and often her characters are wearing something stripey just as she does. Oh, and she loves making and eating pancakes.



Simon Howe

Simon is a freelance illustrator and animator with a particular fondness for quaint and fanciful characters.

 Born in the south-west of England and growing up up in Queensland, he eventually made his way to Melbourne where he began producing animation for music videos and online advertisements. In 2015, he illustrated a children’s picture book called Anthea’s Garden, which inspired him to pursue further work in children’s content. In 2016, he animated a series of four videos to songs by the Teeny Tiny Stevies, accompanying their debut children’s album, Useful Songs for Little People.

 Simon’s favourite colours are mustard-yellow and olive-green. He likes marzipan, fossils and albatrosses. He spends much of his free time drawing animals, faeires and plants, and given the opportunity, he believes he could eat all the blueberries on the planet in just one or two sittings.