Simon Howe

Simon is a freelance illustrator and animator with a particular fondness for quaint and fanciful characters.

 Born in the south-west of England and growing up up in Queensland, he eventually made his way to Melbourne where he began producing animation for music videos and online advertisements. In 2015, he illustrated a children’s picture book called Anthea’s Garden, which inspired him to pursue further work in children’s content. In 2016, he animated a series of four videos to songs by the Teeny Tiny Stevies, accompanying their debut children’s album, Useful Songs for Little People.

 Simon’s favourite colours are mustard-yellow and olive-green. He likes marzipan, fossils and albatrosses. He spends much of his free time drawing animals, faeires and plants, and given the opportunity, he believes he could eat all the blueberries on the planet in just one or two sittings.