We provide resources that transform understanding and initiate conversations.


We are a specialist publisher that produces, promotes and manages books and speaker events. Offering consultation, representation, promotion, manufacturing and distribution for those who have a story to share.


We specialise in publishing and promoting books that nurture, educate and empower kids and adults.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a leader of dialogue. To be a voice. To provide resources that initiate conversations in the home and in the media. We lead dialogue by representing authors and speakers who have a story to share. We provide resources that help people of any age understand complex emotional and psychological issues. Our dialogue is structured for a child’s level of understanding.

Hi Naomi. I found you through your Kidspot article. What an incredibly courageous human being you are. You are using your experiences to give a gift to the world. xx
— Sharon Chisholm, She's Got You Sorted

our offering

    We are a specialist agent who represents authors with a personal story to share, including a range of services such as PR, advice and management.

    We manage artwork, editing, registration, barcodes, distribution, printing and delivery of children's picture books in the emotional health category.

    We manage and book our authors for special speaker appearances, readings, primary and high school education and book signings.
    We ourselves have been on the publishing journey and have a wealth of advice and support to offer others. We know the struggle of having a passion and a great idea for a story of value to others and know the struggle to find someone to support and guide you. We're here.